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By: Valeria Handobe & Finna Kahili

The initiator of Response Action Based Organisation (RABO) Zackary Itodo, is appealing to the Ministry of Education as well as public and private organisations to come to the rescue of Ongombo West Pre-primary school, which is in a sorry state.

The community-owned pre-school, located 40 kilometres east of Windhoek, has broken windows and collapsed roof.

The pre-school, which has 24 enrolled learners and one teacher, is the only school in the area. Many parents are unemployed and find it difficult to pay the monthly schools fees of N$20.

As a result, many children remain at home and do not even enrol for formal school when they reach the right age for school.

The nearest government school is located at Dordabis settlement, which is over an hour’s drive away, or children are sent to stay with relatives in Windhoek to attend formal school.

Speaking during a visit to the school, Itodo emphasised the need for children to learn in a conducive environment.

Itodo further says that if children are left at home without an education, it will lead to societal issues that our community is already dealing with.

“On behalf of this community and children, I am pleading with those who can come to the rescue of these children and community to renovate this place and make the learning environment a very good one for them, to prepare them for a better future. Leaving them roaming around in the community is exposing them to drug addiction and so many negative vices which we are trying to avoid in this

community,” said Itodo. 

According to the chairperson of Ongombo West Settlement Cornelia Swartz, as parents, they want their children to go to school, have a better future and not grow up to be like them.

In addition, Swartz, pleaded for the establishment of a soup kitchen, arguing that children cannot learn while hungry and will not attend school.

Christiana Kapuka, a teacher at the pre-school, said that they need stationery and furniture such as chairs and desks in addition to renovations.

Kapuka further disclosed that after teaching for two years, she had not been paid, and she is unable to work for free since she needs to care for her child.

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