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By: Selma Taapopi

Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Netumbo-Nandi Ndaitwah, has stressed the importance of avoiding the loss of innocent lives and property, drawing comparisons to Gaza in Palestine.

Nandi Ndaitwah made the remarks during the inauguration of the new US Embassy head office in Windhoek, stating that civil and political rights should not override economic and cultural rights.

Thus, the minister affirmed Namibia’s unwavering commitment to safeguard and promote all fundamental human rights.

Nandi-Ndaitwah highlighted the significance of 10th December, which marks 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights this year. The day is celebrated as National Women’s Day in Namibia.

” All human rights are equally important, interdependent, and mutually reinforcing. We would not want to see innocent lives being lost and destruction of property, as we continue to experience in Gaza. As such, civil and political rights should not override the economic and cultural rights, “stated Nandi- Ndaitwah.

The US Ambassador to Namibia Randy Berry stated that the strategic role of the new US offices is supporting Namibia’s robust democratic and inclusive traditions, with a focus on expanding commercial and economic ties between the two nations.

We intend to use this new platform, our new tool, to continue our work in close partnership with the government of Namibia to support the nation’s strong democratic and inclusive traditions to expand commercial and economic ties and to support Namibia’s onward journey in defeating all the challenges to her people’s health and wellfare,”stated Berry.

Situated along Nelson Mandela Avenue in Windhoek, the new US Embassy building spans a 12.8-acre site, seamlessly integrating the essence of Namibia’s landscape. The architectural marvel incorporates the vibrant colours and imagery of Namibia’s natural landmarks, including the iconic Kalahari Desert, the sandstone formations of Damaraland, and the majestic Sossusvlei dunes.

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