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By: Valeria Handobe &  Finna Kahili

Two young female parliamentarians, Inna Hengari and Emma Theofelus, have called for renewed efforts to increase women’s representation in all sectors. 

Hengari and Theofelus were responding to what can be done to ensure women’s inclusivity after the Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) figures indicated that females make up half of the country’s population.

Hengari emphasised the importance of debunking stereotypes that confine women to household roles and limit their participation in decision-making processes. 

Furthermore, Theofelus, who, in addition to her law degree, has a diploma in African Feminism and gender studies, stated that the country has made strides in gender parity and recognises women’s leadership. 

She said that although the country has made significant progress in achieving gender parity in politics, it is lagging in the commercial sector such as engineering, mining, and ICT. Theofelus stated that it is not right that women’s capacity and quality are often questioned when they need to take up leadership roles.