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Wild Africa Fund, an organisation dedicated to popularising wildlife conservation across Africa, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with OneAfrica in Namibia. This collaboration, officially launching on May 30th 2024, has already commenced with the broadcast of ‘Music for Wildlife’ concerts from Saturday 25 May

This multifaceted partnership spans both television and radio, leveraging the extensive reach
and influence of One Africa to amplify Wild Africa Fund’s conservation efforts.

Since 1970, Africa has experienced a dramatic decline in its wildlife populations, losing nearly
two-thirds of its animal species. This alarming reduction is primarily attributed to poaching,
habitat loss, and human-wildlife conflict. The rapid growth of human populations and
expansion of agricultural activities have significantly encroached on natural habitats,
exacerbating the pressure on wildlife.

Namibia, known for its rich biodiversity and expansive landscapes, faces its own set of
conservation challenges. Despite being a leader in community-based conservation efforts, the
country continues to battle poaching, particularly of rhinoceroses and elephants. In recent
years, poaching has surged, driven by the lucrative illegal trade in rhino horn and elephant

Additionally, habitat fragmentation due to infrastructure development and agricultural
expansion poses a significant threat to Namibia’s wildlife. Species such as cheetahs, leopards,
and lions are increasingly coming into conflict with human populations as their natural habitats
shrink. This not only endangers the animals but also impacts the livelihoods of local

Water scarcity is another critical issue, with prolonged droughts affecting both wildlife and
human settlements. As water sources dwindle, competition for this vital resource intensifies,
leading to further strain on Namibia’s ecosystems.

Efforts to combat these challenges include strengthening anti-poaching measures, promoting
sustainable land use practices, and enhancing community involvement in conservation
initiatives. Namibia’s commitment to wildlife protection is evident in its numerous national
parks and conservancies, which cover nearly 42% of the country’s land area. However,
continued support and innovative solutions are essential to ensure the survival of its unique
wildlife heritage for future generations.

Key Initiatives of the Partnership:

  1. Music for Wildlife Concerts: A series of concerts broadcasted every Thursdays @ 20h30
    to raise awareness and engage the public in wildlife conservation efforts. These
    concerts aim to inspire collective action and support for wildlife protection. Some of the
    Namibian artists featured include , but are not limited to, Chikune, Lioness, Jericho,
    Banger Drums, DJ Alba, and KP Illest.
  2. Dr. Marks Animal Show: A new wildlife TV series designed for children, is Inspiring the
    next generation to protect their natural heritage, kids can learn about iconic wild
    animals, their habitats, and the important roles they play in ecosystems. Each episode of the magazine-style show also features shorts on African conservationists and public service messages from some of Africa’s best-known icons, such as Davido, Emanuella, Laycon, and Music for Wildlife ambassadors including Focalistic, Nviiri The Storyteller, and Shekhinah. Quizzes are embedded in each episode, along with opportunities for children in the audience to ask Dr. Mark questions.
  3. Public Service announcements: Messages from Waters, TopCheri, KBoz, Ethnix, DJ Alba and Chikune call Namibians to protect their natural heritage and visit their national parks, as well as highlight the plight of rhinos and cheetahs in the country.
  4. Unsung Heroes: Celebrating local conservation leaders across Africa, and highlighting their work, this documentary series is both informative and inspiring.


“We are honoured to partner with OneAfrica in our mission to protect Africa’s wildlife and promote conservation. This collaboration allows us to reach hundreds of thousands with our message and engage communities in meaningful conservation efforts,” said Peter Knights, CEO of Wild Africa Fund.

“As a community TV channel, OneAfrica is dedicated to supporting content creators who strive to make a difference and is proud to support Wild Africa Fund’s vital work. By broadcasting the Music for Wildlife shows and other impactful campaigns, we aim to raise awareness and drive action towards wildlife conservation and sustainable development,” stated Zellmari Brandt GM, Marketing of Future Media Namibia.”

About Wild Africa Fund

Fund aims to be Africa’s most effective conservation communicator, inspiring public support and political will to protect Africa’s wildlife and wild spaces forever. We believe people and wildlife can only survive and thrive together, so we are popularising conservation with a much broader audience than has previously been engaged. By amplifying the voices of African opinion leaders from every field through a powerful network of media partners and diverse programming, we seek to promote domestic wildlife tourism, local conservation projects, and the passage and enforcement of effective conservation laws. Through our communications and direct support, we also aim to deliver permanent reductions in wildlife crime, the demand for illegal bushmeat, human/wildlife conflict, and habitat loss.

About One Africa

OneAfrica is Namibia’s leading free-to-air community television network, dedicated to providing high-quality, locally relevant content. With a wide range of programming that includes news, entertainment, and educational shows, OneAfrica is committed to informing, educating, and entertaining its diverse audience.

For more information or media inquiries, please contact:

For Wild Africa Fund:
Caillin Basson
Namibia Representative +264 81 3772900

For One Africa Television:
Zellmari Brandt
GM Marketing +264 61 383 450
For more information about the partnership and upcoming initiatives, please visit and


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