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By: Josia Shigwedha

The Landless People’s Movement party’s national spokesperson, Lifalaza Simataa, has refuted claims of infighting between the party leader Bernadus Swartbooi, and his deputy, Henny Seibeb. However, Simataa is worried that the masses might think there is division within the party.

Simataa’s comments come after a daily newspaper reported that the relationship between Swartbooi and Seibeb has gone sour, and the two leaders have not been on speaking terms for the past eight months.

Simataa, fears that the masses may lose faith in the party and follow the footsteps of some opposition political parties that have lost relevance due to infighting.

Simataa further added that even if there were differences within the party, they would solve them so that it does not cause division.

“The only fear we do have is people feeding into the narrative that there is a division, because our base may lose faith in the party because it shows that we are following in the same traps of other political parties, maybe someone got power hungry and wanted to overtake, someone not doing their job effectively and so forth. And usually, that creates uncertainty,” said Simataa.

When approached for comment, local political analyst,Rui Tyitende, stated that LPM is creating doubt in the minds of the electorates on whether they can govern the country, especially when they are fighting about trivial issues.

“Now when opposition parties are fighting like this, we need to ask ourselves are they fighting about policy ideas, the way the organisation needs to be managed or is it just personal matters about positions, interests, or resources? And if it’s the latter, then these opposition parties are not doing themselves a favour because the electorate will be saying, ‘look if this is the way they are behaving, how will they behave once they came into power,” stated Tyitende.

In addition, LPM’s spokesperson claims that the party is growing significantly as they recently welcomed about 800 new members in Tsumeb.

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