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By: Ketemba Tjipepa

Trade Union Congress of Namibia (TUCNA), secretary-general Mahongora Kavihuha, has called on the government to engage its various agencies and parastatals to be lenient to their creditors during the state of emergency on drought. According to Kavihuha, for the state of emergency to be effective, the government and these agencies, including municipalities, academic institutions, and NamWater, must come up with country-specific solutions because drought has been a recurring issues in the country and region, devastating livelihoods.

While speaking during a media conference this week, Kavihuha said they welcome the declaration of the state of emergency on drought; however, the phenomenon remains persistent. He recommended that the Electricity Control Board (ECB) reverse its decision to increase the tariff of 7.7 percent. He also called on municipalities not to disconnect electricity and water services and avoid increasing utility prices.

“We are further calling on Bank of Namibia to engage the commercial bank so that they also have some leniency in terms of treating their creditors, so that we don’t observe a lot of repossessions of both movable and unmovable properties during these times of the state of emergency. Most people have supplementary income from agricultural activities, but if the drought is affecting that, then it becomes a problem,” he stated.

Kavihuha also called on NamWater to provide free water to those using it for agricultural purposes.

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