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By: Josia Shigwedha

To ensure youth participation in the upcoming general election, the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) has recruited youth ambassadors, including two youths with disabilities in each region.

ECN noted that although the youth make up the highest number of voters in the country, their turnout during the election has been low.

As a result, the ECN recruited 19-year-old Oriana Riberio, the reigning Miss Teen Namibia, as the lead youth ambassador for the voter and civic education campaign ahead of the general registration of voters and national elections.

ECN Commissioner Gerson Tjihenuna said Riberio will play a crucial role in mobilising and empowering youth to participate in the upcoming General Registration of Voters and National elections. 

“Amongst others, her duties will be effectively communicate, promote and encourage the significance of voting, encourage the peers to register to vote, and help ensure that young voices are heard in the decision-making process,” said Tjihenuna.

In her remarks following her appointment, Riberio, who is a first-time voter herself, expressed her excitement to be a part of such an important initiative.

“As a first-time voter, I’m pledging to register and to vote during the upcoming general registration of voters and national elections. As Miss Teen Namibia and in my capacity as a Namibian citizen, I am passionate about empowering our generation to become active, informed, and engaged citizens. Through this campaign I am committed to spread awareness about the importance of voting, seeking participation, and making our voices heard in the democratic process,” stated Ribeiro.

In addition, to ensure inclusivity and access to information, ECN will reproduce information materials in Braille, audio, and sign language for persons with visual and hearing impairments.