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By: Josia Shigwedha

Citizens who earn N$2000 will be able to buy a two-bedroom apartment and pay a monthly mortgage instalment of N$400.  These are among the several promises made by the aspiring presidential hopeful of the Namibian Progressive Party(NAPPA)  Penda Negonga, who plans to construct 220 000 apartments totalling N$75 billion in the next ten years.

Negonga, an electrical engineer by training and co-founder of the party, expressed his commitment to provide affordable housing solutions for Namibians. Negonga was speaking at a press conference attended by only five people to discuss why his party is positioned to solve the country’s problems.

Political analyst, Rui Tyitende, said he studied the NAPPA’s statement and the content is delusional and does not speak to the current realities the masses are facing. Tyitende cautioned the citizens not to take the party seriously as they are not familiar with the country’s social economic issues, including the housing backlog, health education, and unemployment.

Negonga said he is in the process of registering his party. If allowed to govern the country, the party will release prisoners, abolish the national council, and construct several plants around the country including tile processing plants, timber, and mango plantations.

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