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By: Valeria Handobe

Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) Youth Leader and Head of Communications, Julia Nekwaya called on political parties to make their manifestos more digestible for young voters. Nekwaya was speaking at the EduVote panel discussion, hosted by the Global Shapers – Windhoek hub, which aims to amplify the voices and perspectives of young voters, encouraging them to actively engage in the elections.

Nekwaya stated that it is important for politicians to present their agenda in a way that is easily understandable, especially to those with lower education attainment. Nekwaya was a panelist among fellow local youth leaders, discussing perspectives of young voters under the theme: Empowering Voices; Navigating Politics through Education, Dialogue and Action”.

“And also, as politicians make your manifestos digestible… And not just any young person, but a young person that has a great 10 education level for instance,” said Nekwaya, as the country prepares itself for the Presidential and National Assembly elections on 27 November this year.

Nekwaya also stressed the importance of using various media platforms to reach young voters effectively, stating that social media engagement alone is insufficient. She explained that traditional media like radio remains crucial, especially for reaching rural youth who may not have access to smartphones or reliable internet connections.

In addition, Swapo chair of advocacy and planning committee Klaivert Mwandingi highlighted the need for enhanced political education in universities. Mwandingi underscored the role of political platforms and youth leagues in fostering informed and active young citizens.

Also speaking at the panel discussion, was political analyst and a Lecturer at the University of Namibia (Unam) Rui Tyitende, who underscored the importance of young people participating in politics, citing the Namibia Statistics Agency’s latest statistics, which show that the youth comprise 71% of the population, representing a massive voting bloc with the potential to significantly influence the country’s future.

“And I want to go back to the whole issue of why young people need to come up and participate in politics. Because politics determines everything, whether you want to or not. Politics determines the price of you. I don’t know how many of you came here walking from Havana. Politics determines the price of bread. Politics determines everything that you basically do. Politics even determines who you can sleep with .And my view has always been that as young people, you need to fight for things that matter, not only to you personally, but that matter to society. And the youth vote will be the most important in this election,” said Tyitende.

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