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By: Ketemba Tjipepa

In order to tackle water scarcity in Okahandja’s informal settlements, the town’s municipality and AB InBev Namibia entered into a memorandum of understanding, to construct a water stewardship project. 

The project aims to improve water access in areas where water flow is very slow or where residents have no access to water at all. This comes after the Okahandja municipality faced constraints in supplying potable water to residents such as Vyf Rand and Vergenoeg, as well as Oshetu no.2

Speaking at the occasion, AB InBev Namibia’s Acting Plant Manager, Bernd Pfander, stated that the water booster station valued at N$4 million will enhance water access for residents and guarantee a consistent water supply to the community. 

“Phase 2 which we are commissioning today is focused on adressing the low water pressure experienced by the community and ultimately bringing water closer to the community. We will be boosting the pressure in the network through the water booster station we set up,” said Pfänder.

Pfänder added that Water Stewardship consists of a water extraction and treatment plant and uses identified boreholes owned by the municipality and a water storage facility positioned in close proximity to the low-income community Vergenoeg. 

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