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By: Ketemba Tjipepa

The Namibian Correctional Service launched a Telio Telephone system at Windhoek’s female correctional facility to enhance the welfare and overall condition of female inmates.

This system is intended to provide inmates with a better means of communication, potentially reducing their sense of isolation and contributing positively to their mental and emotional well-being during their time in the correctional facility.

Launched by the Namibian Correctional Service (NCS) in partnership with Community Security Solutions Namibia (CSS), the Telio Telephone system enables inmates’ family members to purchase airtime for them through convenient outlets such as Nampost and Pick n Pay.

In his keynote address the regional commander of the NCS Leonard Mahundu emphasised the crucial role of ongoing support networks in maintaining inmates’ mental health and promoting positive behaviour. “The ongoing support network is vital for maintaining good mental health, leading to good behaviours.

It is further established that continuous communication with family and friends foster hope and motivation, which encourages inmates to engage actively in their rehabilitation and positively focus on their futures,” stated Mahundu.

Mahundu emphasised that regular communication with family, friends, and legal representatives boosts hope, provides motivation and active engagement in rehabilitation efforts. Managing Director of Community Security Solutions Namibia (CSS) Amos Shiyuka, assured those in attendance that measures are in place to monitor inmate calls and prevent unauthorised communication. “All calls are recorded,and the NCS has access to all audio recording.

So what we’re trying to prevent is someone inside here, serving their time, and efforts are being made for them to rehabilitate, but then yet maybe they are busy with other criminal activities. So whenever that is picked up, and we have had incidents already at the male facility,we provide them the audio, so every call that is made is recorded.So please don’t try and make calls arranging people to send you things or smuggle things in here, it will not work,”stated Shiyuka.