OneAfrica Streaming

By: Josia Shigwedha
The mobile telecommunications company (MTC) has come under fire for allegedly deactivating SIM cards despite customers having registered before the deadline of March 31.

According to information provided by MTC, unregistered SIM owners stand at 323 236, which contributes to about 3.1 % of revenue.  This translates to an average of N$8.1 million in revenue per month.One of the SIM owners who woke on Monday morning to his card being suspended is 32-year-old Erikson Paulus from Windhoek.  Paulus told NewsonOne that despite registering his SIM card last year as well as submitting all required documents, he was suspended from the network.

According to MTC Chief Human Capital, Corporate Affairs, and Marketing Officer, Tim Ekandjo acknowledged receiving complaints about registered SIM cards being deactivated. Speaking to NewsonOne to elaborate on the matter, Ekandjo explained that it was discovered that some customers’ registrations were incomplete, leading to the deactivation of their cards.

Ekandjo said that most of the SIM owners who claim they are registered but deactivated were not fully registered. He stated that their postal or residential address was missing, or they did not present their ID.

Ekandjo further urged MTC SIM card users to register during the extended three-month period, which started from 01st April until 01 July. 

Ekandjo warned that should the period referred to as ‘grace period’ lapse and no registration has taken place, the number will be deleted from the network permanently.