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Khomas region awards best teachers

By: Selma Taapopi

The Khomas Regional Council in collaboration with the Directorate of Education awarded exceptional and outstanding teachers in the region on Tuesday afternoon.

The council presents awards to teachers who demonstrated excellence in their teaching methods and innovative approaches, among others.

Among the award recipients, is a teacher from the school for Visually Impaired, Isaak Tamuku, who was recognised for achieving an 80% pass rate in English second language. 

Tamuku explained that teaching is like an art where one applies different teaching methods and requires dedication and needs to prepare lessons in advance.

“I’m very happy today because I feel that our Khomas Regional Council indeed has recognised us as teachers for the work we do. Teaching is a calling. It is not like other professions, so if someone recognises you as a teacher, it’s really a privilege,” remarked Tamuku.

Similarly, a teacher from Concordia College High School, Uakotora Riruako, received two certificates for 84.8% pass rate in Otjiherero first language in the Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate Ordinary(NSSCO) level and 71.4% pass rate at Advanced Subsidiary level in the same language. Riruako advised fellow teachers to make use of the three Ps, punctuality, preparation, and being present. He further advised teachers to set targets that they achieve. He added that being awarded meant his efforts are recognised.

“I believe that anyone can achieve anything if they set their mind to it. It’s always preparation, you have to prepare. You have to know those exam papers. What are some of the skills that are required in national exams and also using examiner’s reports for feedback,” stated Riruako.

Also speaking at the event, the Khomas education director, Paulus Nghikembua, commended teachers for safeguarding the profession, stating that a key element of the teaching profession is attitude. Nghikembua called on teachers to monitor their attitudes and develop a positive outlook on teaching and learning, as well as create a high-performance culture. 

Furthermore, the Khomas regional governor, Laura McLeod-Katjirua applauded the region for its exceptional academic performance in the NSSCO and AS in the previous year. McLeod Katjirua said that the awards should serve as a motivation for the region to perform even better in the current academic year.

Awards were presented in categories such as most improved NSSCO/AS and overall best regionally NSSCO/AS to teachers from schools such as Chairman Mao Zadong, Hage Geingob, Windhoek Gymnasium, Delta and Windhoek High School among other schools.