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By: Finna Kahili 

Indonesia will take centre stage next month when it takes the stand at the International Court of Justice to convey its support for the liberation of Palestine from Israel occupation. Indonesia will join a growing number of countries, including Namibia and South Africa, that have sided with Palestine in the ongoing Middle-Eastern war. 

Indonesia is an emerging sovereign power that prides itself as a nation that promotes the pursuit of global peace and stability, which is a key goal in its foreign policy. 

On 19 February, the Foreign Affairs minister, Retno Marsudi will convey Indonesia’s stance on the ongoing war in the middle-east, by delivering an advisory opinion and show of support for Palestine at the ICJ.

This was confirmed by the Head of Information, Social and Cultural Affairs, at the Indonesian Embassy in Windhoek, Ari Hadiman at a press conference late last week.

“Our constitution contains strong phrases that we need to support or maintain independence, we need to struggle for independence against colonisation. That is why the spirit of de-colonisation is reflected on the Asia-Africa conference. That is why up to this moment and this current situation, Indonesia stands with Palestine,” said Hadiman.

Late December last year, South Africa filed a lawsuit at the ICJ requesting an injunction against Israel because the attacks violates the Genocide Convention. Other nations have backed South Africa’s plea for an end to the war and a free Palestine. 

Being recognised as a middle power, Indonesia possesses diplomatic influence and could serve as a mediator among nations that are embroiled in conflict.

The latest data shows that more than 25 000 people are killed and nearly 10 000 of them are children.

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