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By: Josia Shigwedha

Social activist and Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters Party (NEFF) Economic Commissar, Michael Amushelelo, says that he has lost count of the number of lawsuits against him, as they span multiple jurisdictions and total over a million of dollars.

Amushelelo stated that despite these legal actions, this will not deter him from continuing the work he does.

Employees reach out to Amushelelo when faced with unfair labour pratices, but his involvement has landed him in legal trouble. Currently, Amushelelo is facing five civil lawsuits filed by individuals and companies, totalling over millions of dollars. In the most recent case, Amushelelo is facing N$20 000 or five years’ imprisonment for unlawfully publishing the mobile number of the Bank of Namibia Governor’s Johannes !Gawaxab’s.

Other lawsuits involve Namica supermarket and Pluczenik Diamond Namibia, among others.

When asked by NewsonOne if he is financially stable despite the lawsuits, Amushelelo responded that everyone knows his bank accounts have been frozen by the State, making it a struggle. He added that this is the reason why he asks for donations on social media to continue with his work.

“So unfortunately, the beauty is that they can’t force me to pay. If I don’t have the money, I simply say I don’t have the money. In fact, I’ve taken an undertaking to pay the legal cost of that particular lawsuit (Namib Mills).I’m going to pay 50 cent every single month until eventually I’ve managed to pay whatever amount I’m supposed to pay,” remarked Amushelelo.

Sociologist and University of Namibia (UNAM) lecturer, Ellison Tjirera, commented that young people challenging those in power will always face consequences.

“The power dynamics, the archaeology of power as Michel Foucault would have it, so the way power is distributed in society is uneven and in many times the ordinary folks, young people who do not have that much power, when they challenge those who have power, there are prices to be paid.There are consequences and you have got those who have resources, who use those resources to silence those who speak truth to power,” stated Tjirera.

Amushelelo cautioned that standing up against powerful entities is not something he would recommend, as it often results in losing more than one gains.

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