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By: Josia Shigwedha 

The Namibia National Students Organisation’s (Nanso) is demanding that private accommodation rental fees be regulated. The call comes after Nanso discovered that some students are paying up to N$3000 for shared and substandard rooms.

Nanso president Dorthea Nangolo revealed this during a presentation of the outcomes of the outcome of the 18th National Students Congress held last week in Windhoek. 

Nangolo, said student attending tertiary institutions in major towns were abandoning their studies after failing to pay for accommodation. “What is even more concerning, ladies and gentlemen, is the cost of private rental areas.  

We call for the regulation of student rent in this country. We call for all areas that are offering student accommodation to be registered, number one, so that they are secure for our students, and also so that they are regulated. We will no longer allow for private areas to exploit our students and to charge bogus fees for student accommodation,” said Nangolo.

Nangolo called on the government to complete the construction of the student village within the next two years, following Cabinet’s approval in 2022.   “It has been two years. Where is our student village? The students are demanding that government expedite the process of constructing our student village and we demand that by July 2026 our students must move into that student village. In the next two years our students must move into that student village,” said Nangolo.

Nanso elected 16 National Executive Committee members at the National Student Congress held from the 4th to the 6th of July this year.

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