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By: Selma Taapopi

The Ministry of Health and Social Services has increased the number of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds in the public sector, from 35 to 97.

Previously the Windhoek Central Hospital, the Katutura Intermediate Hospital, the Oshakati and Onandjokwe Intermediate Hospitals all had to make due with only 35 available ICU beds.

Speaking at the Government Information Centre in Windhoek this morning, the Minister of Health and Social Services, Kalumbi Shangula, said in order to limit patient referrals to far away hospitals, and for the convenience of patients, the ministry has embarked on a project to construct intensive care units at various hospitals, which will make use of the new ICU beds.

Shangula further added that the ministry is pursuing the investment in intensive care units in all 14 regional state hospitals. 

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