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By: Valeria Handobe/ Selma Ikela A renowned American author, motivational speaker, and advocate Dr. Cindy Trimm says that having a female president will be a sign of progress and positive change for the country because women are natural nurturers. Dr. Trimm shared her thoughts with NewsoneOne when questioned about what she thinks about the country’s possibility of having a female president and the the responsibility that comes with the position.

She was in the country to offer condolences to Monica Geingos whom she knows and at the same time attend the late President Hage Geingob’s funeral.

Trimm’s support comes at an important time, as the country prepares for the upcoming presidential election and National Assembly scheduled for November, which features some female contenders. Trimm, who is known for her inspirational leadership teachings on personal growth and empowerment expressed her support for the female presidential candidates, emphasising the critical role that women play in promoting economic growth and prosperity.

“For me, it’s the sign of progress that you have a woman at the helm, and its supported, like I said, the sun and the moon. A woman does not come to compete, she comes to complete and so as transformational leadership to have representation, I wish I could go on to talk about the difference the country will have when you have a woman in power.

A woman in leadership increases the GDP and GNP, and it increases the success and prosperity of the nation,” said,” Trimm. The upcoming November elections will have more women vying for the top position, then any time in the country’s history.Among the women set to participate include, Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah from the ruling party Swapo,

Independent candidate Ally Angula as well as Esther Muinjangue, the president of National Unity Democratic Organisation Nudo. Trimm believes that a woman provides something that no man can and that is the ability to nurture. “We are finally realising that leadership is not gender-specific and once you are able to overcome traditions and negative paradigms concerning women and we value as well as honour the leadership within the individual we will see positive change and I believe that women bring something that men can never bring, and that is the ability to nurture.

We are natural nurtures,” Trimm said. Trimm commended Geingob’s leadership, noting that it has not only impacted Namibia but various leaders, and this is evident by the many heads of State and delegates who attended his burial.

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