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By: Josia Shigwedha

Khomas police spokesperson warrant officer, Silas Shipandeni, has warned the public against carrying illegal items during the festive season.

According to Shipandeni, the police will intensify operations at roadblocks and conduct searches on all vehicles leaving or entering the city.

Shipandeni’s remarks follow the arrest of a Burundian national after he was found in possession of cannabis worth N$50 000 at the Windhoek and Okahandja roadblock yesterday.

Shipandeni said the one kilograms of cannabis was hidden in the bonnet of a Suzuki car that the suspect was driving.

“So what happened yesterday is that, while the colleagues were busy on duty around 13h30, this particular vehicle approached the roadblock, and it was pulled off and a proper search was carried out. And to our surprise as law enforcers, in the bonnet, we happened to find a parcel of cannabis of 1000 grams with a street value of N$50 000.00,” stated Shipandeni.

When News on One asked if all the vehicles travelling in and out of Windhoek will be searched, this is what Shipandeni had this to say:” We want to make sure that all the vehicles at the roadblock are searched if not so, the discretion of the police officer in charge will indicate whether he will let that vehicle pass or not, but we want to make sure that all the vehicles are properly searched and persons in the car are searched if necessary,” he stated.

The Burundian is expected to appear in court at the Katutura magistrate court tomorrow.

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